I ‘INVITE’ you to have a little FUN!

See what I did there?!?!?

Get it? This post is all about wedding invitations and I’m ‘inviting’ you to have a little FUN!

Yes I know. I am pretty funny.

Front of the Envelope

O.K. sew without tooting my own horn I received quite a few compliments on the wedding invitation, which means a lot considering I spent 6 hours sitting on a stool, in a small shop in a town called Lajput Nagar, within Dehli, India.

Yes that’s right, 6 hours straight. I travelled to India with both my parents and my beautiful Nana (maternal grandfather).

August 2014 was the time we had decided to visit the land of extreme contrasts.

The temperature was hot. I mean it was scorching hot. Humidity was at an all time high and the sun seamed to have fallen in love with me despite me clearly stating to him that I had no intentions on hanging out and getting darker, especially before the big day.

Back of the Envelope

So here I was with my team of stylists aka my parents and grandfather, in what seemed like the busiest concrete jungle in the world. Overwhelmed with the amount of stores offering wedding cards all within a very tight vicinity, I must have crossed the same street at least 10 times in utter confusion.

Basically I looked like a tennis ball in the Wimbledon finals – with of course a shawl over head avoiding Mr Stage 5 Clinger – Suraj – more commonly referred to as the sun.

Finally I walked into a store, that for some reason had me stuck. I took a liking to one particular invite which while nice, wasn’t exactly what I was after. To my surprise a young gentleman walked downstairs and advised that they had a graphic designer on hand to make changes to the card. What made it even better was the fact that the owners son spoke English and understood every change I was after.

So why did it take 6 hours? My changes were ridiculous and yet not a single complaint was made by the designer and nothing seemed impossible. That’s the thing about India, while it may not be as cheap as expected, the options are crazy and everything seems to be achievable.

Finally after numerous rounds of changes and the grammatical intelligence of my grandfather the artwork was finalised. It took one week to print 700 invitations at roughly $2.38AUD per invitation.

And this was the result…

Front of the Wedding Invitation

Inside of the Wedding Envelope
Inside of the Wedding Envelope




Inside of the Wedding Invitation

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