O.K. Sew… Let’s talk about food Bay-bee

Let’s talk about food baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that maybe. Let’s talk about FOOOOD! Let’s talk about FOOD!

So I may have just sung that last paragraph. And why not?!?! I mean it can’t be a coincidence that I am writing about food using the beat and music from a group called ‘Salt & Pepper’!

A picture speaks a thousand words so let’s start by a series of images…

10336792_10155009183535327_1613236651167596087_n 10402470_10155009182505327_7674275439821737502_n 10470618_10155009181590327_5988286569820992039_n

Priyanka Ekanayke is her name and she was the brains, talent and chef behind the Sweet Stand that was the royal feature at our wedding. She styled it deep velvet, fresh floral, crystals, bling and topped it with gooey macaroons, popping candy, a coconut cake & sealed it with the sweet scent of indian treats.



Exquisite Sweets & Decor

Priyanka Ekanayke 

Her passion for food is displayed in the form of art. Her creations will make your mouth water. Her ability to make you feel inadequate in your own kitchen & her sheer cooking talent stems from her love for food and art.

She is a food visionary. A master chef. And let’s face it – her kitchen rules.

And yes I was lucky enough to have her design, create and bake for our wedding. Priyanka used a 6.3 metre table and made it into a delectable piece of sweet treat heaven.

She used her wild imagination and combined it with her spirit fingers (yes I’ve come to the conclusion that her fingers are magical and hence why her food tastes so great) to make my wedding AND bridal shower dreams come true.

Bridal Shower
Bridal Shower Table


Actually I lie, she surpassed all of my expectations and left me and my guests in awe of her catering flair.

In addition, our wedding was a Hindu ceremony which meant that cake and the cupcakes had to be completely eggless which is challenging to say the least. But thanks to her ‘spirit fingers’ everything tasted delicious.

I could go on and on about Priyanka’s food but let the images do the talking.

Bridal Shower
Bridal Shower Treats
Homemade Jam Favours.
Bridal Shower Decor



Caterers by Demand

Our wedding day was catered,  everything from the entrees, mains & desserts. We used Caterers by Demand. They specialise in Indian Cuisine, especially Fiji Indian dishes.

cannoli-patisserie-dolce-classico-sweets-desserts-1From day one, they listened to our requests and added a few of their own lovely touches, including cannolis which was a hit – especially for the groom who you would think would have been more focused on the wedding and the bride. Instead he kept reminiscing about the cannolis post celebration!

If catering is an option, I would highly recommend Caterers by Demand.

The day of the wedding we were not only stress free but we served food that had our guests coming coming back for seconds.

The lovely couple, Roshni and Michael Prasad own this business.

ph (02) 9825 9899, www.caterersbydemand.com.au.

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