O.K. Sew… Let’s Make-Up


Makeup and hair is more important than the outfit. Yes I said it.

So find a makeup artist that you admire, trust and enjoy spending time with (because by the end of the session you will be confused if they are your best friend, your family, or your new manager).

Ask for recommendations from family, friends and even strangers.

During my wedding I used three different makeup artists. Two in Sydney, Australia and one in The Bay Area, USA, each lovely and skilled in their profession.

My favourite artist was a beautiful lady by the name of Vik Bains from Nirvana Creations. Vik did the makeup for my reception party, held in California on January 9, 2015.IMG_1040

Veiki Bains, Nirvana Creations

The Bay Area, USA

Veiki arrived at my hotel with a big smile, a wonderful attitude and was ON TIME!

She started by doing the make-up of my 75 year old grandmother as well as my mother, both loving their end results. IMG_1023

Vik started my make-up at 1pm and took her time to deliver the look I had requested. So what made her so good?

  • She did not require a trial prior to seeing me. So many artists will recommend a trial with them and will charge you an arm and a leg to do so. Not Vik though. She does not push you to have a trial (despite the fact that she could be making extra mullas!) and can deliver the perfect look by seeing your features and understanding the look you are after.

    Beautiful with or without make-up
    My Grandmother. Beautiful with or without make-up.
  • She did not require me to tell her what foundation colors I normally use. Unlike other artists she uses her own make-up and matches you with the perfect colour without any guidance or assistance.
  • She only books one bride per day so she can remain focused and isn’t rushing between appointments. This means that she takes her time, providing her complete attention.

    Make-Up Contour
    Contouring brilliance.
  • SHE IS SWEET! Yes she has a wonderful personality and makes you feel gorgeous from the moment she walks in.

As my father always said “If you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys”

Vik is not the cheapest and in the same token she is not the most expensive. She is an expert in all skin tones and types, and is worth every dollar. If you want to look and feel glamorous with a great experience look no further than Veiki from Nirvana Creations.

Gorgeous Mother of The Bride
My gorgeous Mother.


Sydney, Australia – Makeup Artists

My first choice for a makeup artist was an artist by the name of Rani. She is an expert in this craft but unfortunately was unavailable to do my make-up the day of my wedding.

NB: She dressed both my sister-in-law for her wedding and my cousin for her engagement and both ladies looked beautiful.

Unfortunately Rani has moved back to India and is no longer providing her services in Sydney.

As a result I booked Fareha Ahmad.

Fareha Bridal Studio, Fareha Ahmad

Sydney, AustraliaNana and Make-Up

Fareha is a successful business woman. She is a talented Mendhi artist and is able to convert any design presented to her into a piece of body art.

I also used Fareha for the make-up I wore on my wedding day as well as the hair style created underneath my dupatta (veil).

NB:I selected my complete style from head to toe, which means that I came prepared with my colours, shades, photos and looks.Fareha

  • I took in my own foundation shades as well as my own lipstick colours.
  • I had to organize a trial with Fareha otherwise there would not have been enough time to change looks, colours or styles the day of my wedding as she was booked with multiple brides.
  • She arrived on time, although I felt rushed as she had another appointment after me.
  • Unfortunately my dealings with Fareha felt quite transactional despite her being quite lovely.
Wedding Make-Up
Wedding Make-Up

Mendhi Services

MendhiI would definitely recommend Fareha for Mendhi designs. She is extremely talented at recreating mendhi designs and is quite fast. Despite one hand being a little thicker in line work than the other I was happy overall. Unfortunately however the mendhi did not even last a week before peeling off. Considering how much I had spent this was quite disappointing.

Mina Arnaout Make-Up

Let me start with …Mina is a complete gem! Roughly two weeks before myIndian Bride  wedding my cousin had convinced me that I needed a professional to do my make-up for the pre-wedding celebration. We had a large event at my home the night before the wedding, so it seemed fit that I try to look my best. I am mean how often does one get married? O.K. sew, don’t answer that. BUT how often does one get married for the first time? THAT’s RIGHT! Just once.

So two weeks before my wedding (which by the way was the week of Christmas) I went on a hunt for a make-up artist. For those who know Sydney will know that most people vacation during the Christmas holiday period and most businesses will shut down – so the task of finding a make-up artist during this season is as easy as finding a needle in a haystack.

Mina Arnaout Make-UpI contacted a number of my girlfriends with one recommending Mina. I messaged Mina via Facebook who responded in a timely manner. We spoke over the phone and she was lovely. I ended up booking her for not only my make-up for but I also booked Mina to do the make-up for my mother and grandmother for the wedding. Additionally Mina did hair and make-up for my cousins the day of the wedding.


  • Mina was on time.
  • Her energy was of wonderful.
  • She took her time.
  • She was reasonably priced.
  • She provided recommendations and continually asked if I was happy with what she was doing and made sure my hair and make-up was perfect before she left.

If I had met Mina earlier I would have definitely booked her for my wedding make-up. Mina’s personality was bubbly and she was just an absolute pleasure to work with and not to mention extremely talented.


Do it yourself

As a side note, if hiring a make-up artist is out of the budget my advice would be to sit at a Mac make-up counter and ask an artist to show you techniques and colours that best suit your features. I also did my make-up for the Mendhi night and while it wasn’t half as amazing as what Vik nor Mina had created, it was enough to make me feel pretty.

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