O.K. Sew… What makes a good party?

*Wikidi Wikidi Whack*. That’s my D.J spinning noise. Pretty good huh? Wait till you see the hand gestures that accompany it. It’s quite impressive.

O.K. sew let me get to the point of this post which is to share the key ingredients that make a good wedding besides food and venue.

Tunes. Hits. Boogie Woogie Jams. Yep it’s all about the music.

So find a D.J that plays the music that you and your guests love.

Here are my recommendations:

Sydney, Australia

DJ Chaz Ekanayake 

Chaz’s love for music stems all the way back to his days in high school MOBILE DJ and he has been mixing his favourite tunes as part of the ‘Phat Inc Crew’ ever since.

He has perfected his craft and can transition between R&B, Hip Hop, Indian, Punjabi, and Baila (traditional Sri Lankan music).

He is a fantastic DJ and can get a crowd dancing no matter the occasion. I say that with utter confidence as Chaz has been DJing all my parties, back to my sweet 16 (which wasn’t that long ago). Yup, it’s an old skool connection.

Chaz arrives on time, respects the hosts and theirGroom's Entrance  guests and knows how to get a mob bumping and grooving.

He DJ’d at the house during in the pre-wedding celebrations and also created a mobile DJ service for my groom and his party so they could ‘break it down’ from the street to the Mandap.

The only reason Chaz was not booked for my wedding was due to the fact that he was a guest and I wanted him to enjoy the wedding.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6cE—t5zw – Watch it here!

Chaz making the dance floor go crazy in the wedding after party.
Chaz making the dance floor go crazy in the wedding after party.

Chaz Ekanayake Contact Details

+61 405 229 681

DJ Raheel Sharma

Raheel was selected to DJ the night of wedding. He was a recommendation from the VIP Decorating who decorated both my house and venue for the wedding.

Raheel works closely with VIP to provide lighting services to brighten up the room and to boost the beauty of a mandap.

I contacted Raheel a few months prior to our wedding. He was a breath of fresh air after the negative experience I had trying to book another DJ. Raheel answered my call and responded professionally. A day after our initial conversation, Raheel came over for our first meeting.

Additionally Raheel was helpful when the dhol player I had booked decided to cancel on me two weeks before the wedding. He provided a recommendation for Kelvin Prasad and I couldn’t have been happier.

Raheel Sharma Contact Details 

+61 434 289 473

Dhol Player

Kelvin Prasad

Sydney best dhol player
One of Sydney ‘s best Dhol players.

As a talented dhol player, Kelvin was an absolute pleasure to work with. He coordinated with Chaz on the mobile DJ service, and it was like watching a tight hubcap on a car moving in the fast lane.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kelvin to anyone who requires a dholi. He is a bloody gem!

Kelvin Prasad Contact Details 

+61 412 190 866

Wedding Singer

Rayneil Singh

STOP! I know what you are thinking and Ray is nothing like Adam Sandler in that movie.

His voice is quite extraordinary, a beautiful blend between Miguel and Usher.

And yes, ironically his surname is ‘Singh’ pronounced as ‘sing’.

He made our wedding even more magical than it already was by mixing the reggae sounds of Bob Marely and Common Kings with the soulful sounds of Aaliyah and other great R&B artists.

Ray is a lovely gentleman with an angelic, swagger filled voice. He made everyone in attendance of our wedding happy and feeling the love.

Watch Ray Rehearsing Here 

Once you hear Ray sing, you will be left wanting more.

Ray Singh Contact Details 

+61 452 433 342

U.S.A D.J’s 

DJ Real Deal – Adil Maharaj

Our wedding reception was held in California and we hired Adil to provide the DJ services. He was professional and organised a number of meetings prior to the main event to ensure the reception ran smoothly.

He provided lighting as made the venue look beautiful.

Additionally Adil was kind enough to allow my brother-in-law who flew in from New York to play a set using his sound system.

New Yorks Finest

DJ DP1 – Danny Pinero

Danny is one of the most humble and kind-hearted individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet. And now I am even more blessed to call him my brother. His generosity and warmth is equally matched by his DJ skills – which without any bias, is phenomenal.

Danny is also an amazing breakdancer
Danny is also an amazing breakdancer.

Danny is a full-time professional DJ in New York, spinning for some of the biggest celebrities we know. As part of the ‘Heavy Hitters’, Danny is UH-MAY-ZING! From the moment he hit the decks at our reception the dance floor was not only full but jumping! He played a mix of Indian, Punjabi, R&B and dance. His versatility is brilliant and even played a Taylor Swift number to satisfy my little nieces who had requested her song and wouldn’t dance until it was being blasted from the speakers.

Without a doubt Danny is one talented artist and if you want your guests filling the dance floor all night long I would look no further than Danny for your next party.

Watch what happened to the crowd when Danny was on the decks.

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