Americans, Guns & Their Coffee

Can’t decide what’s worse the American gun policy or their version of coffee.

Maybe the reason why so many Americans think it’s normal to carry a gun is because they don’t get access to a good cup of coffee and therefore start their day in anger. I mean who wouldn’t be on edge if they are subjected to the ruthless substance served by Starbucks and its worthless competitors.

Now I am no expert in gun policies so I won’t even try bringing it into this post. And I won’t even touch on the American government, the AFR, and other public groups who support gun use.

What actually surprises me and I mean truly surprises me is how many people I come across in the U.S who own a gun and think it’s a normal practice. Maybe I’ve lived a sheltered life in Australia, but how is it remotely normal to have a weapon that could kill someone? And, how many of those who carry a gun would actually be ready to pull that trigger and take someone’s life?

It seems like month after month, year after year we turn on the T.V and hear about another massacre, school shooting or the accidental death of a child or their parent because a weapon was not in a secure location. When will they learn?

Truth is, I could go on and on about my feelings towards guns and those who support the current gun policy in America but instead I have decided to share a video I found recently of comedian who sums it up brilliantly. Another fellow Australian who is nearly as funny as I am – O.K. possibly a little bit funnier than me but only a little.

Whatever your opinion on the subject matter – you will definitely have a good giggle.


Oh and as for the coffee here, well that just may kill me before any gun does.

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