2017… New Year. New Me. New Blog.

I want to start a blog. Wait I already have a blog. So I’ll just keep working this one.

Why? I don’t know. It seems like the ‘mum’ thing to do. But who the hell has time to write a consistent blog?!?!

And I have sincere commitment issues. So does that mean once I post one, I must continue to post on the regular?!?!? I mean that’s a lot to expect from a mother of two babies. Yeah you heard me – two babies in 10 months.

Yes va-jay-jay birth. Twice in 12 month.

So Zavian is 1 and a half years. And Zaylia-Angel is 6 months. And don’t judge me. I have no idea why or how mums know the months of their children’s age. Seriously I can barely count, let alone remember how many months Zavian is. Shit he turned 1 in July 2017. And he will turn 2 in July 2018. And in between there will be a half.

O MAY GAWD. Zaylia is 7 months tomorrow! Must take a monthly photo. Yeh I am one of those mums. I take a photo each month until they turn one. And then I am done.
So… why do I want to start my own blog. Trust me it’s not because I have time on my hands. Coz I don’t! Like I said, I am mother of two. I work full time in marketing. AND I have a busy personal life. So I keep it together with the help of my husband (but he is man – so ladies – holla, if you hear me), my family and my girls.

Anywho, I want to start a blog, with the hopes of one day finding the inspiration, determination, passion and funds to start my own business. And what do I want to do? WHO BLOODY KNOWS! Do you know? Coz, if ya do – let a sista know.

And why do I want my own business? Because I want to be able to pick and drop my kids to school. It’s honestly that simple.

As a child, I had to attend before and after school care, and while children are so resilient I just don’t want mine to be coming home at 7pm from a babysitter because it took me 1.5 hours to make it through Sydney traffic.

So you can join me in this journey. It could be boring as hell. I could stop writing after a month or I may continue thinking I am the mumma version of Carrie Bradshaw.
Either way, you aren’t obligated to read and please whatever happens – let’s not have any expectations. Because if you have no expectations you can’t be disappointed!

Love Always,

But here is my first entry as a Mum and what better way than kicking it off in January 2017!

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