She lived. She loved. She learnt. She shared.

As a recent migrant to the States, from Sydney, Australia I am sure I will have a lot to write about. And even if nobody reads this, at least it will keep me busy while providing my husband some much needed relief from my constant nagging about hanging his clothes, taking me to Walmart because I need more velvet hangers, roaming back and forth between aisles in Home Goods, Bed Bath and Beyond and Ross (my new favourite home ware stores) or keeping him updated on the Kardashians (which happens to be my bad habit and very guilty pleasure and something he despises passionately).

Besides the Kardashians, I love love love my family, my little Maltese Terrier – Tommy, good coffee (clearly something that Americans have no idea about), working out at the gym and running (O.K. that’s a lie but it sounds so damn good), sleeping in, pastries, chips/fries, art, dancing, my girls (every girl needs a good group of girls), laughing at corny jokes (something I do a lot with my girls), exploring the world, and being Mrs Maharaj to the sweetest, most caring, most loving and most sports obsessed man I have ever met.

So that’s me… what you see is what you get, although as they say ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’. I am perfectly flawed and will always be a work in progress. I am learning how to be the best version of me while striving to be the best I can be to those I love.

She lived. She loved. She learnt. She shared.

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