Why Did He Think It Was O.K?

“I am not that type of girl. I am just not. I would never do this. Plus, you are married and have a child”.


Unfortunately 9 weeks in, I found out that it was an ectopic pregnancy.

The Biggest Lesson I Learnt as A Mum.

O.K. Sew…Here it is. I am a better mum for being a working mum. It’s not only because I can provide more financially but I am genuinely a happier person. So why I am bothering to write a blog about it? Because I am sick of MUM GUILT. My mum worked full time since I…

2017… New Year. New Me. New Blog.

I want to start a blog. Wait I already have a blog. So I’ll just keep working this one. Why? I don’t know. It seems like the ‘mum’ thing to do. But who the hell has time to write a consistent blog?!?! And I have sincere commitment issues. So does that mean once I post…

I’m Single. Don’t Pity Me!

Its funny…. I spent my life wanting to be older, wanting to be younger, wanting to be skinner, wanting to be curvier. But today, as I sit in a coffee shop writing this blog I realise I don’t want to be anything but who I am right now. At 30 I couldn’t be happier. I am…

Once Upon A Time A Rickshaw Driver Changed My Life

Without any warning a rickshaw driver changed my life. Now that may sound a tad dramatic but there is no other way to describe it.
He said a few simple sentences that made a profound impact on my way of thinking and how I would continue to live my life.

Americans, Guns & Their Coffee

Can’t decide what’s worse the American gun policy or their version of coffee. Maybe the reason why so many Americans think it’s normal to carry a gun is because they don’t get access to a good cup of coffee and therefore start their day in anger. I mean who wouldn’t be on edge if they are subjected to…

Hello World!

Featuring a thread of words sewn together to create sentences. Sentences that introduce my thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiences.

Welcome to my virtual diary.

O.K. Sew… What makes a good party?

*Wikidi Wikidi Whack*. That’s my D.J spinning noise. Pretty good huh? Wait till you see the hand gestures that accompany it. It’s quite impressive. O.K. sew let me get to the point of this post which is to share the key ingredients that make a good wedding besides food and venue. Tunes. Hits. Boogie Woogie…